How to get free moving storage and other useful storage tips

How to get free moving storage and other useful storage tips


If you move in the near future, you might want to consider investigating storage.

As a mover, you may require storage for a variety of reasons, such as:

The house you move in is smaller than your existing house.

There may be unforeseen circumstances during the move, which means that you can not move into your new house on time.

You may simply not have time when you move in to unpack everything at once.

Whatever your specific scenario, it is always worth preparing for each eventuality.

How to get free storage

Most peoples first reaction to storage is to turn to family and friends. This can be a very good solution if you only have a relatively small amount of storage, or your friends and family have a large storage space that you can use. But in most cases this option has its limits.

A good free option is one-way companies. Many of these offer free storage if you use their service. The storage time is usually limited to the terms of your contract, which will be used at either the beginning or end of your rental period.

This type of storage, even if it is short-term, can be an excellent zero-cost solution.

What types of facilities provide storage companies?

Most storage companies have a network of facilities located around the country with good transport connections. The facilities are equipped to keep your belongings safe and secure, as well as showing you access to your belongings on a 24-hour basis. The following minimum standards are normally maintained:

24/7 controlled access to your property.

Security and alarm input protection.

A climate-controlled storage environment.

If you need additional reinsurance, it is usually possible to take out an extra insurance to protect your belongings.

How do you minimize storage costs

Firstly, make sure that the price you pay for your inventory is competitive. Request combined move and storage quote from companies youre considering moving with. Compare these with only tender listings and do not be afraid to bargain on price if you do not get a bargain.

Before signing up with a storage company, check if you will be able to resize storage later if you find that the size is incorrect when you will fill it. Most companies offer this service so that should not be a problem.

Second, you must do everything to maximize the storage space available to you, to ensure you do not book extra storage! To do this, you need to pack efficiently and fill up your storage space optimally.

If your storage company has a service where they offer a team of packers to come and do the job for you, it can be more cost effective in the long run. This is because they are experienced, which makes it possible for you to avoid booking additional storage due to your own packaging and storage inefficiency.

Packaging and storage tips

If you pack and save yourself, use the following guide to maximize your storage:

Always store with storage in mind. Use robust boxes because these maximize the amount of space available when stacked. The contents of boxes should be clearly marked.

Disassemble all electrical equipment and pack in original packaging, if available.

Save bookshelves upright so that you can use shelves for non-standard items.

Make sure that refrigerators and freezers are thoroughly dried to prevent damage to your other belongings.

Sofas and mattresses should be placed against the storage unit wall.

All garden equipment should be cleaned, and any gasoline drained away from objects like lawn mowers.


When moving, it always pays to be prepared for each event. Having to submit your possessions is possible in every move, so check your options even if you think you will not need this mobile service this time.

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